Adam’s Apple | January 17, 2018

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Ricardo Lule
  • On 30 de October de 2013
  • Ideology:
  • Young Earth Creationist
  • Country:
  • Mexico

A “necessary” term, abiogenesis.

The “spontaneous generation” is a term that evolutionists do not like and it was scientifically disaproved by Louis Pasteur in 1864. Pasteur, a true scientist, proved that “Omne ex vivo vivum (all life comes from life)”.

Five years before Darwin had published The Origin of Species and this discovery could give him the coup of g race. The Science Organization of the Uk, had seen Darwin theory the opportunity to eliminate God as creator of life.

Soon, in 1870, the Darwinism wanted to recue his untimely death, the pseudoscientific Thomas Huxley, Darwin’s bulldog , invented the term “abiogenesis” to replace the term recently buried. Although the same is more elegant, so when evolusionist hear “spontaneous generation” they were quick to correct: “abiogenesis you mean?” And then they seem accurate and cults.

Now because of this misperception induced in humanity, as a side effect, a large percentage of humanity believes that life can be generated spontaneously on other planets.


Translator:  Mirella Ortega.


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