Adam’s Apple | January 17, 2018

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Ricardo Lule
  • On 29 de October de 2013
  • Ideology:
  • Young Earth Creationist
  • Country:
  • Mexico

Another headache for evolutionists.

Poly-estratics trees are trees fossil being upright, include portions of the trunk over a sedimentary rock strata.

Often larger than 6 m high, and they preserved all its parts, from the top to the root.

Clearly, these trees were quickly covered by sedimentary strata, otherwise, they would have decayed. From the top to bottom, these trees sometimes extend themselves over the strata and represent millions of years old. Only catastrophism can explain this, or the Flood, which incidentally is the answer to many questions that have modern geologists. These fossil trees have been found in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even up side down It is a headache for evolutionists because they have to work overtime to try to explain these abnormalities that disagree with uniformitarianism. And you should see their occurrences.




Translator:  Mirella Ortega.


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